Friday, September 10, 2010

Junie, Queen of Zettiland!

At long last, Zettiland has crowned a queen. Long live Queen Junie! Move over Queen of Hearts. We've got a real queen now!


  1. June is SOOOOO deserving of this honor. And her crown suits her to a "T"!

    Nice job Bill.......a little 'payback'??????

  2. Thank you William! I always felt I had Royal connections!
    I must lay off the spinach! It's giving me arms like Popeye!
    Lovely work! I'm useless at Zetti! I must put this on my blog too!
    Thank you for this very great honour!
    Hugs June xx

  3. Ooh, and such a magical world in which she rules! You better stay in line, Bill. Looks like she could definitely rule with an iron hand!