Sunday, September 19, 2010

Real Mermaid

Well, she's real in the sense that she was hand drawn and hand colored. Yay! I hope Suzi Blu will be proud. She has plenty of flaws, but at least I did it physically instead of digitally. Now I feel like I can call myself a real artist.


  1. Beautiful job with the colored pencils! I know how scarey it is to color with them. You did a great job with the blending and the color choices. She's gorgeous! And you've ALWAYS been a real artist! :)

  2. Oh she's gorgeous Bill.
    Real artist? You? Don't make me laugh!!! know what I think about your art!!!
    June xx

  3. Hand-drawn is always better than digital, Bill!


  4. Who is this Dean fellow to blatantly come out with such comments Bill?
    He should feel sorry for the rest of who can't draw.
    Hugs xx