Thursday, September 16, 2010


Yep, I'm drawing mermaids. I'm taking Suzi Blu's current class on drawing and painting mermaids. This is another attempt to get myself back to creating physical art. Suzi is a wonderful, talented artist, and such a crazy character! She could easily be one of the CocoRosie sisters.

I stayed home from work today, because I've been feeling lousy after getting a flu shot on Monday. (I always get a mild case of the flu after getting the shot each year. It's sure better than how sick I'd be if I got the full-blown flu!) I was able to beat my inner critic down for a little while, and was able to draw a full mermaid. Here she is:

She didn't scan very well, but it's good enough to see. The next step is to start shading the picture using Prismacolor pencils. Supposedly we will be painting a seascape background on a piece of wood craft board, and then glue the mermaid on. If I can even get my final painting looking half as good as Suzi does, I'll be very happy. 


  1. She's a great mermaid Bill and will look lovely when you've coloured her. xx

  2. Great job, Bill! Love her eyes. You do so well on proportions! I have trouble completing anything past the shoulders. Now the fun begins with the coloring!