Saturday, September 25, 2010

Perry Como Lovers!

Evidently all of my online friends are a bunch of Perry Como lovers. No one had anything to say about the CocoRosie Fairy song I posted. Oh well. I guess I'm just a more hip, younger, and all around more fun guy than the rest of you! But don't get all offended now. I'll let you in on a secret. I bought Susan Boyle's CD when it came out. I think it's safe to say she's the complete opposite of CocoRosie. I just love all kinds of music. Well, not all kinds. I don't like rap. I won't even tell you how I really feel about rap, because someone might come and beat me up. We live pretty close to the hood. But I do love Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce and Fantasia. No one can say my choice of music is racially divided. I learned to dance to Gladys Knight, Diana Ross and the Temptations. Whoa. That's giving away my age! I guess I better not even mention how I watched the Beatles the very first time they were on Ed Sullivan. But CocoRosie is my current love. I guess strange people really do attract strange people.


  1. Sorry Bill, I had no words to describe Coco Rosie! We'll leave that one alone. I love all types of music too, not rap, and not Coco Rosie!
    I watched Susan Boyle's first audition. Bless her, she looked such a frump but when she opened her mouth and that beautiful pure voice started up, you just should have seen the judge's faces.
    I've watched her career blossom and I am so glad that someone older, and shall we say unglamorous, has made it. Very well deserved.
    June xx

  2. Ok, we're the same age (or thereabouts). I sat in front of the TV the night the Beatles were on Ed's show and took black and white pictures of it. argh.............was it THAT long ago?

    Eclectic...that pretty much describes my music sense, too. Rap (in way small doses) is not a favorite (especially the negative lyrics), but most other genres of music are great. We have music on in the house/cars all the time.

    BTW, when are the tickets on sale for CocoJunibears show? Is she coming to Colorado?

    You are 'normal' for a guy your age! haaaaa