Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pics of Corben

It's still hard to believe I'm a grandfather. I didn't get married until I was 29, and before that point, I didn't even think I'd ever be a father. But four children later, 30 years, and now one grandson, I fulfilled my duty to carry on the family name. Like any doting grandparent, I have to share some pictures of our little guy.

For only being one day old when these pictures were taken, I think he looks awfully darn cute!


  1. He's so alert and look at that hair! Cute he his name, too.

    What a special time in your lives. Thanks for sharing your joy.


  2. I thought I posted a comment last night but it isn't showing.
    You'll never ever get tired of taking photos of that gorgeous child! Corben is magic!
    Love xx

  3. Oh, congratulations! He is adorable and look at that hair! Beautiful!

  4. Congratulations Bill
    He is just adorable. Makes me want to kiss his cute cheeks.
    You are gonna have such fun with him. :)

  5. Wow!

    A full head of hair already!

    I'm impressed!