Thursday, December 30, 2010

Altered Postcard

My two weeks off work is almost over. I've enjoyed being able to sit at our kitchen table and watch the cardinal that has been visiting our special tree every day. His color is just remarkable! Consequently, here is another post with a bird in it. Sometimes I think it is fun to try altering a flat image and see if I can give it a little more depth using Photoshop. Below is an old postcard that was included in a "Birds and Bloom" kit I received for being a member of Artella.

Here is my altered version:

Dear June, where would we be without our digital art?!


  1. You achieved the depth for sure. I like it even more than the original!
    Glad you had some time to relax.


  2. Love it, I am ready for spring any time :o)

  3. Love what you've done here Bill.It's lost the vintage look and you've brought it up to date!
    Yeah....where would we be? I'd be in a 'nut-house' if I were here at all.........
    Hugs xx