Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fairy Tree

My friend Marguerite suggested I post this here in my blog. It is such an incredible story! She lives in northern California, and is able to take long walks through a beautiful forest. She shares her wonderful pictures on her Ning site Hearts Desire for Joy. I love this one in particular because of the beautiful moss on the roots of the tree.

I left a comment on her site that, as beautiful as the picture was,  I bet there had to be a fairy door somewhere in the base of the tree. We live in Ypsilanti which is the bordering city to Ann Arbor, Michigan, home of U of M. Ann Arbor has many fairy doors throughout the city in various stores and restaurants. Some even have windows so you can see inside the fairy dwellings!

This picture was found on www.annarbor.com. But I'm getting away from my tale. Marguerite promised to looked closer the next time she drove to the forest.

Much to my surprise (I was so surprised I almost peed my pants!), I found myself transported to that very same forest that very night. It was even more beautiful than Marguerite captured in her photos. The sky was full of stars, and the moon was almost full, so I had no problem walking and finding that special tree. (Be sure to click on Read More after the picture below.)

(Photo by Marguerite)

Something glistening caught my eye on the ground. I picked it up, and was amazed to see that it was a small draw-purse made from some kind of silver material. Being the inquisitive type of human I am, I had to open it up. Inside was a few sparkling particles of fairy dust. I'm not sure how I knew what it was, but what else could it be? I dumped the dust into my hand. I felt  a sudden inspiration to blow the fairy dust toward the ancient tree. What I saw next was truly astonishing!

A fairy castle was built into the trunk of the majestic tree! Even more astonishing, a fairy sat only a few inches away from me, and she was singing to a dragonfly. A bluebird sat close behind accompanying her. I never heard anything so beautiful! How I wished Marguerite was there to see this for herself. I knew there was something special about that tree. I dared to wonder if I could take a picture to show her. The effect of the fairy dust hadn't worn off yet, so I pulled my tiny camera from my pocket. I turned off the flash, and took the picture you see above. For some unknown reason, I really don't remember anything that happened after that. If it weren't for the photo, I'd think I made the whole thing up. I'm so happy you were able to visit my blog to see the picture for yourself. I have a feeling the photo will soon fade away. Humans don't believe in fairies, after all. Very few have been allowed to visit the fairy realms. Well, unless you live in Ann Arbor, of course.


  1. Who said we don't believe in Faeries???? Or maybe they don't believe in US!

    Great photos Bill. The photos and story (or was it????) are charming.

    I was in Ann Arbor last year for an art getaway. We saw some faerie doors, too. What a charming town AA is. I'd love to go back and visit again! And I have a couple of friends in Saline, too.

    Pleasant dreams Bill.

  2. Yes! I love this!
    I used to work in Ann Arbor and never knew about the fairy doors! Next time I'm in Michigan I will have to go knock on some fairy doors for sure!

  3. Oh Bill I love this, the photographs and the story and your dream. Of course I believe in fairies, always have done, always shall. I don't often see them but they whisper to me.....

  4. What an awesome and wonderful entry. Happy New Year.