Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Digital Collage

I've had a gallery of my digital collage work in the Artella Cafe for several years. Artella is completely redoing its site to make way for new adventures. I pulled several (well, probably about 20) off the site to post here just for the fun of it. You may not have seen these works if you were not a member of the Artella Cafe. If you find any of them interesting, you may see a larger version by clicking on the picture. Thanks for looking! If you find them boring, go have a couple glasses of wine and come on back. They will look much better! :O)


  1. My word William, what a great and varied collection. Your weird and wonderful world pops up quite a bit and a few of your poems.
    Most of them I like a lot.
    June xx

  2. I didn't need wine. WOW, your works are really diverse. Simple or filled with hidden meanings. There are so many that I like: Pink Motel, Grunge, Attracting name a few. You talented man!!! I'm proud to know you!

  3. Well......If I may tell you....
    My favorites are nr. 5 and 17.
    Just kidding William. Great work and thanks for sharing. Your work is always enjoyable and inspiring.

  4. Adam and Eve took my breath, beautiful. All wonderful my friend

  5. Very interesting mix, thanks for sharing.

  6. Great collection of work!! Thanks for the opportunity to see it. Fantastic.

  7. Oh you have talent alright. I am still going through your art work.

    It really makes me want to step out of my comfort zone.

    Little scared though.

    Like you drew and you were not sure you could but you did it.

    Be proud. I sure am of you. The sletch way back in one blog was real good. You were doing faces.

  8. Digital Collage here is really fab Bill.

    I like all.