Saturday, December 11, 2010


I purchased a new digital scrapbooking kit from Crowabout Studios B called, "Jack Frost's Steampunk Station." (You can find her stuff at I used a couple of the elements to create the digital collage below. The poetry is mine. Don't you just love depressing drivel?!  :O)


  1. Lovely collage William and a lovely poem.
    Don't feel sad sweetie, come and see my happy pics of SIL's party on my blog!! xx

  2. Beautiful collage. I love it!!! And I love the poem.

  3. Don't you love Crowabout? Such fun stuff!
    Go and give your new grandson a big hug....that'll make you feel better! Or sing the song from Gilligans Island to yourself. That'll cure any 'blues' you have!!!!

  4. I liked what Jan said. Let's see if I can remember the words:
    "Now sit right back and you'll hear a tale
    A tale of a fateful trip
    That started on this tropic port
    Aboard this tiny ship
    The mate was a hearty sailing man
    The skipper brave a true..."
    I can't remember where it goes from there...
    But yes, it did elevate my mood and brought me back to the 70's when I'd watch Gilligan after school. My fav episode was when they formed a rock group to try and convince that band to get them off the island. They sang that song "You Need Me." Remember?
    Did they ever get off the island???