Sunday, December 19, 2010

Take A Word Challenge #7 - Childhood

I tried something a little different this time. I drew a couple of heads to use instead of just using digital elements. Weird but fun!


  1. This has turned out great Bill! I love the redhead's freckles! Super idea of yours. I agree, kids just want to have fun.So do I!!
    By the way, have you found any mince pies yet?
    Hugs xx

  2. I love the picture! It is so great that you used heads you drew (hope I spelled that ok) yourself. This is really great and I like your style of drawing. Great picture.

  3. I love those faces although for some reason I feel I would like to punch them in. Bill, your two boys look like they up to no good but they do have very definite personalities. I hope you are going to show us more of your drawing skills which add a special something to your already great artwork.