Thursday, January 13, 2011

From Coffee Grounds Painting Grows

Well, you'll have to read my post below before this will make any sense. This is the progress I've made so far with my coffee ground paper towels. It's kind of like a pile of red throw-up at this point. I'm talking about me being in the picture. Then there's the painting itself. Egads! What in the world will that evolve into? I guess time will tell. That's what happens when you paint from the gut.


  1. So far, I'm likin' it...and the painting, too!

    Really, I like the red along with the brown-ish coffee color. Blocky, too. Your gut is doing well Bill.

    Nice pic, btw. You have a great smile.

  2. Whoooaa! You're moving along with the picture! I feel it in my gut, I know it's going to turn out so well!
    By the way, it's nice to see you smiling again!
    Hugs xx