Friday, January 21, 2011

Very Depressing Week - Party Dreams

I don't know why, but I've been having a terrible time fighting depression this week. My friend M posted a picture on her Ning site, though, that has given me some happy thoughts. I had to fool around with the picture a little, obviously, since that's what I do. The original picture was of Henry Miller's typewriter.

Here's the fun dreams I've been having about it:

If only to have a party like the picture suggests! Everyone have an old typewriter, and type wonderful stories while sipping mint juleps, and acting very Henry Millerish. Or Earnest Hemingwayish. And having high tea with little fairies sitting at our sides eating forget-me-not sandwiches and plenty of lavender cookies and even raspberry cordial. I wonder why this photo makes me imagine all these things? M's fairy candle jars would be lit all over the place and everything would be so magical! It would be such a great time. Kimmie would have to be there, and Roberto so we could paint ourselves with glitter all over and we could dance a Irish Jig and just be crazy. And June would put a sail on her wheelchair and sail across the Atlantic so she could join us, too. What a glorious party it would be!

Sometimes it's just fun to dream!


  1. Dear William....I'm so sorry you have had a rough week. Depression is such an awful thing, it creeps up on you just when you think everything's fine....and I know....

    Love, love, love your picture. Yes I would certainly have sails on the wheelchair. I'd even swim just to be there with you. I love a party, especially ones with fairies etc. for company.

    Keep dreaming all those wonderful things.
    By the way, I'm trying hard not to think about you with your body covered with glitter..........

    Big Hugs
    June xxx

  2. Indeed!
    Thank you for the lovely party!
    Would that we could do it for real.