Monday, January 17, 2011

French Butterfly

People have called me a lot of things - crazy, nuts, retarded, stupid, whatever - but this is the first time someone has turned me into a butterfly. My friend Marguerite from Hearts Desire 4 Joy has been participating in the butterfly project I mentioned earlier. She decided she is going to create a butterfly every day for a year. Whoa! That's a lot of butterflies! Evidently, she decided I needed to be a butterfly, a French one at that. (I am Canadian French, but unfortunately, cannot speak the language.) Anyhow, here is how M, as we affectionately call her, envisions me as a butterfly:



  1. If you eat all of those tasty macaroons (on your wings) you'll never get off the ground!!!

    What a nice tribute to YOU! You look quite happy perched on top of the ETower!

    Nice friend to immortalize you!

  2. Kudos to M! Great pic! Knowing how much you like everything French it's just you. I wasn't sure if they were pastries or hot dogs on your wings. Certainly not mince pies! Hugs xx

  3. Ohhh i love this one. what fun !!
    have a beautiful and bright day
    hugs June