Monday, January 3, 2011

Mystele's Gut Art Class

If you ever need encouragement to draw and paint, or perhaps you don't do it because you have no idea what your style is, then you should sign up for Mystele's Gut Art class. It just started today, and I already love it. I have always had the ability to draw and paint, but I don't do it, because I get totally uptight thinking that nothing I do will be good enough. It's ridiculous, but it's torture for me to create anything other than digital art.

I took a class from Mystele before, and actually painted an entire picture that I love! Now tonight, I  drew a crazy portrait. You have to do it without worrying about whatever comes out, and just let your gut take over. It works! Here's the picture and post I put on her Ning site a little while ago. No, the art isn't great, but who cares? I did it and it's fun! Besides, I am crazy.

Here's the link to her site if you would like to check it out: Nope. I don't get paid for sending you there. :O)


  1. Great 'gut' work Bill. I can draw 'a bit' but like you I freeze up and won't do much as I think it's not good enough. I wish I could loosen up and let go. I also have a touch of that compulsive obsessional disorder. My art room is a total mess but for the rest I'm a picture straightener for just a start! I even used to comb fringes on rugs a few years ago! Help please!! Hugs xx

  2. ok, I'm in- I'll see you in class. How did I never hear of her site before? so glad I visited your blog today!

  3. Good for you! Amazing what happens when you just let go isn't it? Now in should learn something about digital art. I don't have a clue.


  4. hi bill- thanks for stopping by- i did the same thing- the comment above was my second attempt- my first is i assume floating around in cyberspace waiting for some unsuspecting blogger