Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rob O'Shea

Rob O'Shea is a dancer from Ireland. I don't quite know how I keep meeting people like June and Rob from across the big ocean, but that's the wonder of the Internet. I'm afraid it's Rob's turn now to be steampunked and zettified! (The steampunk elements are from a kit by Marta van Eck.)


  1. Well this Rob fella certainly looks cute! How come I haven't met him? Are you keeping him to yourself?
    He'll soon have a queue of girls asking for his autograph or a date or something!
    He looks as if he would brighten up my day anyway!
    Fab work Bill! Hugs xx

  2. Hey Bill.
    First....All the best for 2011 and i hope to visit your blog more often this coming year :)
    And indeed the wonder of internet. I you only knew where it brought me already the past years !!