Sunday, February 13, 2011

Art Journal Caravan - Week 7 Verb - Wonder #2

Elements from Looking at Tomorrow kit by Rebecca Mcmeen.


  1. Super, super collage Bill! I love the elements in that kit. Your words are so true.
    PS I'll tell you a secret. We English are supposed to love our tea but I don't drink it! Hugs xx

  2. Lovely artwork, William, and as far as the tea goes, I'm an Englishman, so my veins are full of the stuff. lol

    All joking aside, lovely words William. :-)

  3. Isn't it interesting Bill how your friend Paul and I both say we're English and not British!!
    Hugs xx

  4. I'm brazilian, I prefer coffee. Great piece, though. About romance, you're right, you men are quite simple ;0)

  5. I could think of worse things that being born in a cup of tea.
    Nice blog. Do you know my friend Ken Runnels?
    No? Well he's from Michigan!!!

  6. If every quarrel could just be settled with a cup of tea (Earl Grey preferably) - that would be wonderful!