Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Royal Invitation

I am very happy to say the least! My invitation to the Royal Wedding has finally arrived. I knew Prince William had been an admirer of my digital art for quite some time, but I did not really expect it was enough to receive an invitation to the wedding. Now I will have to purchase something appropriate to wear. This should be quite a thrilling experience!


  1. Oh, thou hast scored!!!!!

    Lucky you. I think a nice red velvet waitcoat and black top hat may be in order for you!

    Shall I stalk my mailperson for an invite?


  2. I am sooo glad your invitation arrived safely! The same day as mine, coincidentally!
    Waistcoats come in beautiful colours and materials these days so you'll have a good choice dear! Hugs xx

  3. Well.... I'm still waiting.... but with today being a no-mail-delivery day and all, I'm certain it will arrive tomorrow....

    If not, I shall live vicariously through you, Sir William. :)