Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Look sharp, mateys!

No, I didn't create this picture. Although, I do have fleeting urges to jump on a pirate ship and sail away looking for rum and treasure. June Yarham must have decided I look like one of Johnny Depp's long lost relatives, and raised me to the rank of Captain of my own ship. I'm afraid I need to smell a little more and perhaps imbibe in a couple of bottles before I have that deep down skanky look,  but I'm to the task!


  1. You look very happy as a pirate, William. :-)

  2. Avast me Matey!
    I and my scurvy dog Bonsai request permission to come aboard and partake of your finest Jamaican rum, pineapples and coconuts!

  3. Oh Bill! Fancy showing that! Hugs xx

  4. Lots of adventures... Who could ask for more?