Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Three Muses Challenge - Black and White

Well, this is the real weather forecast for Michigan where we live for tonight and tomorrow. We could get 10 to 15 inches of snow. Egads!!!!!


  1. Me thinks the buttocks should be covered in that cold temp! Egads indeed!
    Nice nose straws, Bill!

  2. Is your favourite song "I am the walrus"? I have spent a few minutes here wondering about the nose furniture. A drain for accelerating the symptoms of a head cold, heaven forbid a back to childhood moment when stuffing things up one's nasal cavities was considered to be a very cool thing to do. Bill there is a poem here or at least a story. Can we read it?
    Seriously, I love your black and white piece although it is a wee bit cruel expecting your model to pose in her birthday suit.
    For those cynics who don't believe in climate change, may I say IT'S HAPPENING. Here in Oz we have had destructive floods, endless droughts here in the west and now the worst storm in Australian hisstory is approaching the north Queensland coast.
    PS snot such a good idea to choose the colour green for whatever is emanating from your nose.

  3. Hope she doesn't venture out without her snow boots, Bill, maybe a woolly hat, too, then you can spot her in the deep snow!!! Sorry for being so silly!! LOL! Seriously I do love your piece for the challenge!

  4. I heard the cold weather warning on the news this morning but I'm sure you won't see many (any) people wandering around in such a state of undress!
    As for your nose plugs, Marie has said it all!
    All I can say is, did it make you feel any better?
    Lovely art by the way!
    Hugs xx

  5. Ha! Love Marie's comments. I'm guessing 15 inches of snow means there will be more white than black on show by the morning!

  6. I will have to leave the nose comments to Marie. She has covered it SO well! I LOVE your black and white offering. Here in Indiana I survived the "potentially catastrophic" rain/sleet/ice/snow storm. The weather people have been in their glory with endless telecasts predicting doom and misery everywhere. Your art is a nice light approach to it all! Thanks!

  7. This is hilarious! The poor dear makes me want to grab a big warm blanket and throw it over her.

  8. It's on its way here too, Bill. Brrrr!

  9. I hope you remember which pencils it was that you had up your nose!!!!

    I love your piece for this week's challenge... I think you should wear a few more clothes than this yourself though tomorrow!

    Have fun in the snow :)


  10. Just imagine Bill, if the weather was presented to us in this format, naked lady (or gent) and all! I'm sure it would cheer us up no end.

    I'm not going to mention the green candles/pens/pencils dangling from your nose ..... it wouldn't be polite. Only, may I say, you might want to consider keeping a tissue in your pocket for any further attacks. :O)

  11. Very clever and well done! I love your sense of humor =)

  12. I guess in the USA is more white at the time, than you like.
    This is what I call a "cool" piece.