Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bunny Rabbit

Oh no. This is what retirement has done to me. And it's only been two weeks! Actually, I'm taking another Suzi Blu class. The first picture has a bunny in it. Hers was pink, but I just didn't feel like working with a pink bunny. When the multi-media picture is finished, it's suppose to have bee wax on it. It should be pretty cool. I'm putting the bunny on my blog, well, just because.  I get happy when I'm finally able to make myself draw something.  :^)


  1. A great Bunny Bill. I guess he'll be popping up everywhere from now on! xx

  2. That's cool, Bill.

    I cannot draw anything, so when I see people who can I'm amazed at their gift. :-)

  3. Retirement does that to people....next you'll be talking to it! (Keep in mind that Harvey is already at my house!!)