Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Retirement?

I don’t know whether to think of today, July 1, 2011, as a blessing or a curse. It is the first official day of my retirement. But I had to turn in my laptop since it was provided to me by my place of employment. (Well, now, former place of employment.) I got so use to sitting in bed, writing, I mean, typing things down when they popped into my head. I created many great pieces of art when I couldn’t sleep by grabbing my laptop and seeing whatever kind of digital collage emerged from my talented fingers. (That’s quite interesting. My first day of retirement, and I’m calling myself talented. All these years of self-doubt and I’m instantly cured. Hmm.)

Now, however, I am sitting at my desk typing on, yes, a desktop computer at 12:27 am, because I couldn’t/can’t sleep. I’m going to feel more wide-awake then ever having to actually sit up instead of lying there. (Which also makes me realize that what I wrote above would have been yesterday now, because it has become July 2.)

To make matters worse, I just looked at Grannie Annie’s blog, and have become quite upset. She did a wonderful collage consisting of Alice in Wonderland elements. Below it, she typed the following words:

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all
Go ask Alice
When she's ten feet tall
Jefferson Airplane

I had to think of some witty response to leave, and this is what came out of my tired but still awake brain:

“Fabulous indeed! But I must confess, or is it contest, that those Jefferson Airplane folks have left me quite confused and nonplussed! If I didn't have my pills, I'd be quite a mess, quite thoroughly depressed, and generally, according to my wife, a pest. Not to mention, since you put me in this mood, I don't even know what TOFF stands for! Tick Off First Friday? Think of Fat Friday? Egads!”

I should explain that Grannie Annie created her collage, because it was the current challenge at TOFF, whoever or whatever that stands for. Taste Of French Fries? Who knows?!

Well, enough of this already! I’m going to bed. But first I am posting this on my blog so you can understand my current dilemma. I may never be able to post another stupendous digital collage, because I can’t lie down in bed while creating it. No one warned me of this disadvantage of being retired. It’s enough to drive a person to drink! Except I’m not suppose to do that while taking all of my prescriptions. Oh well. I guess I can try counting sheep.


  1. I stopped by via haiku my heart (LOVE the haiku and the image that comes with it!) and read this post too... congrats on retiring - I say this with mixed feelings 'cause do you want to be congratulated with it?? Oh well, when you call yourself 'talented' all so sudden, that's worth a big CONGRATULATIONS!!! The Pulse icon got my attention too... soooo - I find a fellow-collaborator in you! See you at Seth's then! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I think you have to get a laptop of your own sooner or later. Otherwise we will have to flood your blog with protest signs! Seriously, I guess you will find your way as time goes by.

  3. Yes, get a new laptop and enjoy creating in bed again.
    You'll soon get into a creative routine, you talented old thing you! Hugs xx

  4. enjoy your new life style!!!
    Please tell me you love it, my husband is due to retire SOOOOOOOOOOON!!!

  5. Hi Bill, visiting from Haiku my Heart. I posted about mushrooms (Alice in Wonderland reference) and was amazed to discover you did as well. I'm happy for you to be retired. Now you can buy a laptop of your own for creating in bed.

  6. are officially retired and will enjoy it even if you have to sit at a table to create. Before long, it will seem like the norm and you will favor us with all kinds of creative treats.


  7. You'll get used to retirement really fast Bill all that free time will make up for no laptop...I have the opposite problem I just got a laptop and I forget I can just take it where ever I want so I end up sitting at the desk til my legs are asleep.

    Start walking for an hour everyday but Sunday and maybe you'll be able to chuck the pills it helps me a lot.

    Just so you know TOFF stands for The Octopode Factory Friday...challenge blog. Now all you have to do is figure out what an octopode is. LOL