Friday, July 1, 2011

Haiku My Heart Friday

 Little boys love play
They spend hours in the sun
Water saves the day

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  1. Love your picture today. It cheered me a bit as I am feeling low....
    I love the Haiku. I have never been able to write them somehow, something escapes me...
    Hugs xx

  2. Did I say I loved your new header?
    Yes I think I did. I know where you got the makings now. A super set but a bit pricey for me. xx

  3. YeeHaw! I'm with them ... anything to cool me off! Happy Friday!

  4. As hot and humid as it is today here where I live, I think I'll join those boys myself! YTour haiku reminds me of the days of summer as a child, playing in water whenever we could. I don't remember being hot. Very good.


  5. Wish I could capture that passion in my adult life! How wonderful to live so intensely in the moment. Great intro to summer!

  6. dear billizetti,
    you have joined haiku my heart with a SPLASH! the boys of summer...

  7. Great haiku for the hot, humid day we are having here today!!! Well done!! Cathy

  8. Well you covered the boys and I covered the girls! I love these skinny little naked dudes, I have one at home and we were playing with water yesterday, with the dog included!

    My sister wrote to Normal Rockwell when she was little (40 years ago) and he actually wrote back.
    Great Haiku.

  9. I've got to spend more time at your blog. You and it look fascinating. And congratulations of retirement. Any possibility of buying a laptop sometime soon? I think it will make all the difference in opening up this whole new part of your life.

  10. Water does save the day--in more ways than one, sometimes. Delightful!