Saturday, July 9, 2011

Love and Reason - Creative Souls Challenge Poem #12

"Love and Reason" by Nixon Waterman

The lily's lips are pure and white without a touch of fire;
The rose's heart is warm and red and sweetened with desire.
In Earth's broad fields of deathless bloom the gladdest lives are those
Whose thoughts are as the lily and whose love is like the rose.

Elements from Holliewood's "Stark" and "Rose" kits.


  1. Flowers seem to strike passion in all of us. Simple and pure.
    Like your picture. Just wonderful!

  2. Love the poem but your picture is just wonderful! Absolutely gorgeous work! xx

  3. I'm blessed with lilys in my garden but they are orange :)
    Are you in a passionate mood ?

  4. Oh. Wonderful illustration to a wonderful poem.