Sunday, July 24, 2011

Creative Souls Challenge Poem #14

"My Castle in Spain"

by: Nixon Waterman

My castle in Spain, is a place of delight,
Where I joyfully wander at morning and night;
Of all life's high pleasure the happiest hours
Are those I devote to its fountains and flowers.
Whenever my mind in a reverie swings,
Hope bears me away on her jubilant wings.
To leave me, forgetful of care and of pain,
A fortunate prince at my castle in Spain.

My castle in Spain, oh, its caskets of gold,
Of rubies and pearls, are a joy to behold;
And riches for which I must ever despair
In this workaday world, are awaiting me there.
Fond favors of fortune, that brighten and bless,
Drop down in my hands with the softess caress,
And I wish, with a sigh, I might ever remain
At my marvelous, far-away castle in Spain.

My castle in Spain is as light as the air,
For its walls are a dream and its roof is a prayer;
Its courts and its halls of such wonderful scope
I have gorgeously gemmed with the treasures of hope.
Its domes and its tapering spires are wrought
Of the mystical beauty that hides in a thought;
And to view them sweet fancy steals into my brain,
Where it sees, through a vision, my castle in Spain.


  1. You have everything in this gorgeous collage to take us all on a romantic dream to our own castles in Spain.
    Just breathtaking. Hugs xx

  2. I'm here via Seth - I'm trying to stop by all of the artists featured this week, and I'm glad that I stopped by. I usually don't find many men in this little world of the blogosphere, so - I like glass - in particular, your piece from your journal with the hummingbird and bottles is most excellent!

  3. This is such a beautiful image. A perfect match to the poem.

  4. I'm here from Seth's site too! I loved how you said,

    "I try to make my art both crazy and happy just to make anyone who sees it smile."

    That is a terrific philosophy!!
    Best wishes from germany, tj

  5. I missed this one earlier -- great job on the poem challenge.