Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ocean Depths

I really wanted to buy a digital kit that came out at Deviant Scrap today, but since we're broke, I made myself use elements I already have. Which is probably more information than you need to know! :o) The elements are from Mister Whiskers' kit "Sea", Gypsy's "Mercurial Trench," and Crystal Rain's "Life's a Beach."


  1. Screams of delight!!!
    I decided to donate my mermaid art collection to the breast cancer art sale. I would like to save this and print it out once I have a printer again. (if it's ok with you)
    The only mermaid art left in my bathroom is the "mermail" (mermale?)you sent me last summer. I see it each day and love it, even tho it got splashed in one of my vigorous showers and the ink ran! It works with that piece, ya know?

  2. Well it just goes to show you didn't need that new kit! LOL!
    This is fantastic Bill.Did you write the poem? It's lovely. xx

  3. It's a great feeling to use something that you already have! Well done!

  4. Such a great collage, dear Bill! I find the poetry very touching! I read your comment, too, and I hope that everything works out well for your family and you! Greets, Manu