Friday, April 13, 2012

Personal Psalm

Elements from Tangie Baxter's new "Verve" kits and Parcel #15.


  1. This is super nice, Bill! I see you have been busy here since I have been sadly neglecting my Tearoom : - ( !!
    And the point you made in your comment is well taken about the teasing! But that's why I try to find out what all of the newest things in Paris are, so we can sample them in the virtual world of The Tearoom. I'm sure you know that life can take us on a lot of unexpected twists and turns, so you just never know! Something amazing could happen and voila!! You could find yourself in Paris like I did once (and hope to again someday)!!

    Your ever-dreaming friend of the blogosphere,


  2. I love what Betty had to say! And I love this piece too, especially the fairy!

  3. This is lovely Bill. You have been amazingly busy since my last visit. I have a lot to catch up on.
    Hugs xx