Monday, April 30, 2012

Zine About Marguerite

My special online friend Marguerite Bryant has always been so thoughtful and caring whenever upsetting events are occurring in my family that I thought I would celebrate her friendship by creating a zine about her. It was a fun way to keep my mind busy so I would stop worrying about what is going to happen with my mother who has stopped eating. I "shared" it in Google Docs for anyone to look at if you would like to. This is the first time I've tried sharing anything through Google Docs, so hopefully it works. Just click on the link below.

(The link does work. However, the pictures are a little fuzzy using the Google viewer. It looks perfectly fine viewing it in Acrobat Reader. If Google will allow you to download it, it's better to do that and then open it with Acrobat Reader.)


  1. Thank you Bill for honoring me with this wonderful zine!

  2. Dear Bill, the link works and your zine is lovely. Couldn't leave a comment there though... Maybe the resolution could be better 'cause the beautiful images you created are a little fuzzy (or blurred - I don't know the right word...)
    M must be flattered with this beautiful tribute.

  3. Your tribute to Marguerite is wonderful Bill and shows how much you think of her as a true friend. I'm sure she's honoured and she's a wonderful lady. I for one am glad to know more about her!
    Thinking of you and keeping you and yours in my prayers at such a difficult time...
    Love and Jugs
    June xx

  4. You did M proud, Bill and I'm sure she is honored. You didn't say why your Mother has stopped eating but I am thinking about you both at this difficult time.