Sunday, April 8, 2012

Time Haiku

I started reading "Creating Time." I was able to get an early release copy, because I was a contributor. (Yay!) I also will be having a special post here on my blog on April 17, the official release day. One of the things I immediately saw and love is that each chapter has a "Poetic Pause." The Poetic Pauses are a haiku with time as the subject. I love haiku! I immediately had to write a couple. One I'm saving for April 17, but here is a different one:

The reference to parallel worlds will make more sense if you read Marney's book. :O)

(Monsters and planets from digital kit by Caleb.)


  1. I flunked out of Haiku in's nice to see that someone 'got it'. That'd be YOU!
    This piece is really a thinker, Bill.

    Thanks for stopping by recently. I always love to hear from you!

  2. How whimsical! I love the haiku and the little monsters too!

  3. Very cool haiku! Yes, the monsters are adorable. ;) I'm looking forward to Marney's book.

  4. You are sooooo clever. I can never get the hang of those things!! But I love to read them.
    Nice piece again! xx

  5. O Congratulations to you! Woohoo.a published author..Watson must be so proud unless he is sulking because he wasn't acknowleged? lol. I know Sophie would be. I'm turtling back slowly to AJC this year, due to other things that I got involved in, curve ball but in a good way. Glad you liked the French stuff. blessings
    LN ..PS Cant wait for the BOOK!