Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vacation Time

Tonight is the third and last live event celebrating the release of Marney's new book Creating Time. I hope you will order it. It truly is fascinating. If you click on the Amazon icon in the right column, it will take you right there where you may order it. Amazon is saying they are already out of the book, but the publisher says the next shipment is going right out!

In honor of this past 3 weeks of celebrating time, I created another digital collage with the theme about time.

Elements are from Clementine's new kit "Are We There Yet?"


  1. True! Never mind, come back is great too!

  2. Wouldn't you know it. I finally get around to visiting your blog...and what do I find but a trailer! What fun!!! But where are the flamingos?

    Great image nonetheless! Do remember to put out the birds when you get to where you're going...

  3. I love this! It brings back sweet memories of when I lived on the road in a trailer like this.

  4. I'd love to be on the road in a bright yellow trailer. Great piece Bill! xx