Tuesday, May 3, 2011

14 Secrets Yahoo Group - Deb Gilchrist

A member  of the 14 Secrets Yahoo Group, Deb Gilchrist, died recently. It was a great shock to many of us who have known Deb for quite some time. We've only known her through her art and online communications, though. We are using the month of May as a time to help each other heal from her unexpected death. We are taking turns each day to write some thought, saying, or whatever that each us can use to create a healing garland with.

My first turn to write something was yesterday May 2. Deb loved to write haiku, so I wrote a haiku in her honor. I've had an unexpected life changing event take place in my life very recently (finding out my position at work was being cut which is leading me to take an early retirement), and even the thought of making garland strips is going to be too much for me right now. I created a digital collage with my haiku for Deb instead.


  1. What a beautiful and heartfelt way to memorialize Deb. I love that picture of her. She looked like a sweet soul.
    I'm so sorry for your loss.

  2. This is so moving and a beautiful tribute Bill. Your words are so touching....We can all apply this to friends we have lost too soon....

    Could be a good thing about early retirement Bill....One door closes, another always opens. Who knows what's to come.
    Big Hugs xx

  3. That is truly lovely Bill. Make the best of your early retirement. "When life hands you lemons, make lemondade!"

  4. Bill, this is just stunning. Your words are touching and I know Deb would love it, too.

    Oh, sorry to hear that you are retiring. Are you ok with that? More time for art and grandsons?

    I'll be thinking about you.


  5. Well written...

  6. A beautiful tribute, Bill.

  7. Hi Bill, another great visual poem of yours and a gorgeous way to homage Deb.
    Our wise June is right, one door closes, another opens... better things will come.