Saturday, May 21, 2011

Art Journal Caravan Week 21 - Verb - Measure

Some elements from Tangie Baxter's Parcel #21.


  1. Tis true, only God can measure. Love the words and love the whole piece. That little boy comes straight out of a 1930's children's book.
    By the way, how are your boys? Growing I bet.
    Hugs xx

  2. Keep the moments in you heart and they will never end. *I* really don't want to live forever. A rather horrible idea.

  3. Me neither, especially because aging is NOT a piece of cake. On the other hand, I love the idea of not measuring time.

  4. Re: Measuring Time:
    Blame it on those darn Medieval Monks who were fearful that if they didn't get the right amount of prayers in, they would go to that 'warm place'.
    (g) Hence the 24 hour day...rotters.
    I would like it to be 26 so I could have a couple extra hours sleep!
    When we moved here, we made the decision not to wear watches except if we had to go to down for appointments. BBxLN