Thursday, May 19, 2011

Seth Apter's Next Edition of the Pulse

I've been working on two digital collages for Seth Apter's next edition of The Pulse. He runs a yearly edition on his blog where he asks questions for artists to answer, and also asks that they send work to illustrate their answers. Here are the two pictures I have been working on. I think they represent the kind of art I like to create: kind of fun, definitely crazy, but also a means to help me deal with the depression I'm constantly battling and hopefully help me discover the reasons for having it in the first place. What do you think? Do these adequately represent my work?


  1. Yes dear Bill, I think these are definitely you.
    They're lovely by the way. I love that short, sweet poem.
    Everyone has different ways to tackle their depression And I think deep inside we all know the reason why...
    I find it best to think of a book. That's an early chapter, I move on and read what I have to be thankful for here and now. And what's in the next chapter.....?
    Best love and hugs xx

  2. Yes, YOU for sure. It is full of Bill elements! I think Seth is going to really like this.

    I like June's idea. She's one smart cookie. And a good friend.


  3. These are beautiful, Bill.

    I think since I've been coming to your blog regularly I would know your work anywhere. Very distinctive and creative; always beautiful.

  4. ABSOLUTELY! Your pieces make me laugh and I want to know when the Teddy Bear factory is open for a tour. I never had a teddy bear as a child and perhaps I could select one.

    As for hits all of us and as June said just take one day at a time; look around you and be grateful for your family and all that you see and share every day.

    AND, your support on your blog is priceless. We are always here for you, Sir William.


  5. Paul is right I can recognize it too... Those are lovely pieces: the first one is fun and sweet and second is somber but beautiful. Definitely: Bill.

  6. Don't you think you are one of the luckiest men around? I love Carolyn's comment. You have so many wonderful blog friends here. Always ready to give support and lift you up when you're feeling down and give you the biggest virtual hugs.
    I know I appreciate them and I'm sure you do too dear Bill. Big Hugs from me to you.xx

  7. These are great! I'm working on Seth's project as well...I need to get busy...I'm not as far as long as you are!