Sunday, May 22, 2011

Creative Souls Story Time #5 - Quote

Our challenge was to illustrate the following quote:

"I pick my tree carefully.  A willow, not terribly tall but set in a clump of other willows, offering concealment in those long, flowing tresses.  I climb up, sticking to the stronger branches close to the trunk and find a sturdy fork for my bed."

From the book "The Hunger Games" by  Suzanne Collins.


  1. A perfect illustration for those words. Love the shades of blue you picked.

  2. Wow! Caught my eye right away. This is absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE the shades of blue you used. It fits the quote exactly. Wonderful work!

  3. That is beautiful, Bill. I would love to see it in a picture frame hanging on my wall!

  4. Very dream like... Love the shades of blue. Clever use of silhouettes. Hugs xx