Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coming Soon - Mad Tea Party!

We had such a great time last year that we're doing it again. We're joining A Fanciful Twist and having a Mad Tea Party right here on this blog! People all over blogland will be be hosting parties on June 25. It will be a glorious time you won't want to miss. And guess what. My Mad Tea Party will be extra special because it will also be a retirement party for guess who - ME! I'm taking an early retirement after working 26 years at Ann Arbor Public Schools in Michigan. (I just can't take any more of those darling, little brats!) I hope you will stop by to wish me extra strength, health and wealth so I don't drop dead immediately after retiring. That does happen, you know. Please visit A Fanciful Twist and add your blog name to the list if you would like to have a party of your own on that fun day.

By the way, if you would like to be an actual participant at my party, create a digital picture of yourself dressed in a "zetti" outfit. Don't include a background, and make about it 3" x 5".  Save it as a png file, and then email it to me at: wcharlebois at gmail dot com. (Remember to replace the "at" and "dot" with the correct symbols.) There's just no telling what you'll find yourself doing at my party! I only have a month to get ready, so please email me "your zetti self" as soon as possible.


  1. Sounds delightful and fun! I intend to dress up this weekend and do a photo shoot. Who's joining me?

  2. Good luck for your retirement! I assume you won't get bored. I hope that your party won't be like the one in "Through the Looking Glass", though it is going to be quite mad as it seems ...

  3. I am! I will "dress" something propper and send you a photo.