Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Wife, Children and I

I have many digital collages I have done over the years that were posted on my previous blog in Artellaland. Below are some of those collages I came across today. Since I'm busy preparing for my upcoming Mad Tea/Retirement Party, I thought I'd post a couple of older ones here. The first is a collage with my wife, Lisa, and I in it. I hope you enjoy seeing these.

This next one is of our two sons and I.

 This last one has our two daughters and Lisa in it.


  1. Great stuff! Love the hats!! And congrats on your retirement! I too took early retirement from teaching last year. I didn't last 26 years...only 14 1/2...but that was after 12 years in banking before teaching! You'll enjoy retirement...I am!!

  2. I've been working for 28 years now and have others 7 ahead me (at least) for retirement. Too Long. So, I hope you enjoy your new life. It's a honor to be introduced to your beautiful family through your sweet collages. I love the whimsy in them.

  3. It's lovely to see your gorgeous family in these fun collages. Thank you for showing us Bill. Lovely work. I see the first one of you and Lisa is a romantic one with dreams of Paris!
    Hugs xx

  4. Bill, I love the collages of your family! I especially like the one of you and your beautiful wife with all the red hearts. And speaking of purple butterflies, I see one in your work here. Congrats on your coming retirement.