Saturday, September 3, 2011

Art Journal Caravan Week 36 - Quote

Elements from Tangie Baxter's new kit "The Princess with the Sea Green Hair." Billizetti mermaid by me.

For anyone not familiar with the Art Journal Caravan hosted by Tangie Baxter, we are given about six quotes every week to use should we choose to. 


  1. She is lovely.
    Your tshirt cracks me up! I almost didn't notice it! I love how you slip a little humor in here and there!
    Your postcard (which is similar) hangs proudly in my bathroom with my mermaid art collection! It makes me smile daily.

  2. A most interesting and different post. It is refreshing seeing something unique.

  3. Wonderful! I see you've bought 'the sea green hair'. I was very tempted but I'm not feeling 'under the sea' at the moment! xx

  4. Oh...I think she'd go out with you! (After all you live in Michigan!!) Great piece!

    I just joined the "Caravan"...trying to get my arms around the whole process...any hints?

  5. I really hope you don't consider yourself a "nobody" and you are joking!!!! :)

    Love the page, perfect background choice, fun all around.

    Yay for Dave joining the Caravan!!!!

    I left you a reply comment on the Studio Tangie blog here: