Thursday, September 15, 2011

Music . . .

(Most elements from Marta Van Eck's digital kit "Master of Puppets.")

That's actually me playing the violin. The picture was taken eleven years ago. Yikes! Why won't time slow down? I wanted to take violin lessons while I was growing up, but that was one of many things I wasn't allowed to do. About 20 years after being married, I decided to buy a violin and take lessons. I was starting to sound decent,  but we couldn't afford for me to keep taking lessons. Even back then, lessons weren't cheap. I keep thinking that now I've taken an early retirement, I ought to get my violin out again. The problem is, we definitely can't afford lessons at this point. What's a person suppose to do?


  1. I thought that was you! Incorporating your photo into your piece was look comfortable playing! Perhaps things will change and you can get back to making music. Did you try the online programs I suggested awhile back?

    Pretty piece of art Bill. All those different layers came together to make a heartfelt work of art.

  2. I thought that looked like you!
    When I could no longer afford guitar lessons, I went online and looked up the songs I wanted to play. The chords are often accompanied by how to videos. There are also lots of teaching videos on youtube. Once you get back in the swing of it, I believe you can teach yourself.
    Another thought would be to trade digital art for violin lessons. Or have Corben vacuum their house for violin lessons! Hahaha!

  3. A great piece of art Bill. You do hide your light under a bushel as the old saying goes.
    Well if you know the basics just pick up that violin and have a go!
    You'll soon get back into the swing and anyway, whatever it sounds like, it's for YOU!! xx

  4. Wow! This is a sizzler, Bill. As June says (above) - you do hide your light under a bushel. I bet you could find a way to get to know your violin better if you put your mind to it. There are some good pointers in the comments.

  5. I missed this, please play for us, great image