Monday, September 26, 2011

Art Journal Caravan Week 39 - Quote

As the stock markets all over the world keep going up and down, it's a good time to remember that it isn't money that will make us happy. Since my family has never had lots of money to worry about (usually just enough to pay the bills), it's a good thing!

(Frida figure by Christine Honsinger, but I altered her a little bit.)

Here's a new picture of one of our little blessings:


  1. The secret to happiness is to eat a live frog every morning for breakfast after that everything seems a lot better...

    What a fine looking little gentleman he looks like his grampa.

  2. My grandfather always had a shot of Southern Comfort in his morning that's happiness!

    So who gave that kid a drum set? Was it you? ('cause this is what a grandparent would do!!!) (o:

  3. You've been blessed with a big dollop of cuteness in brown plaid overalls!

  4. My, My! How he's growing! I bet he's a real handful now Bill! Gorgeous boy! xx

  5. A lovely collage with Frida Bill and I always try to count my blessings and the Lord has given me so many. Hugs xx

  6. Your grandskids are real blessings! This Frida is lovely, sweet collage.