Friday, September 2, 2011

Beverly's Pink Saturday - September 3, 2011

Just in case you weren't sure what pink is! If you would like to visit other blogs that have posts for Beverly's Pink Saturday this week, please visit her blog here:


  1. Hello Bill...How nice to meet you!
    I enjoyed reading all about PINK in your sweet little book!
    Have a safe and happy weekend!

  2. Well Bill, I like your camels! Collage is precious to my heart as I see it is yours. I like your blog! Blessings Terri

  3. This is really neat - I love the old paper background contrasted with the bright pink typing. Happy PS!

  4. Your pink journal spread is extremely well done. I must say I got a big laugh out of your Eiffel Tower Blue Bird - holy c__p!

  5. Happy Pink Saturday Mr. Bill...your imagination for the funny is ALIVE and SEIZING THE DAY.
    This is my first time to your blog.
    It is nice to meet you.
    I LOVE YOUR COLLAGE especially the hot pink flamingo.
    I was just teasing you calling you Mr. Bill...I am very sure I am older than you...56 years this past May.
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    Angel Hugs
    Simply Debbie