Saturday, October 1, 2011

Art Journal Caravan Adventure Quest - Zentangle Mandalas

Our September Adventure Quest for the Art Journal Caravan was to try creating zentangle mandalas. I have always wanted to buy a real zentangle kit since the first time I saw them on the zentangle website. If you haven't visited the website, you can find it at: The idea of sitting and doodling little pictures sounded very relaxing to me. They don't require expert drawing ability. Well, to make a long story short, I just haven't had the money to order a kit, and my inner critic kept preventing me from grabbing a pencil or marker and just trying it without any instruction.

Since today (actually yesterday at this point) was the last day of September, I decided to beat up my inner critic, grab a extra fine point sharpie and just try creating a zentangle mandala. As usual, whenever I tell my inner critic where to go, I succeed in doing what I have thought for months I could never do. I actually ended up creating two versions of the same mandala. I drew the zentangle mandala, then scanned it, and played with it in Photoshop.

Version number one:

Each of us has a camel for a mascot during our Art Journal Caravan journey. I named mine Watson. Watson was a little bit upset when he saw my first zentangle mandala. He wanted a chance to play with one, too. Not wanting to have an upset camel, I let him create the second version:

Both of us were quite happy with our results!

This made me realize that the yearlong journaling caravan will be over in 3 months. (The Art Journal Caravans are sponsored by Tangie Baxter at in case anyone is interested in doing it next year. Man! I need to start charging commission for all this free advertising.) Time really does fly when you are having fun. I've created many digital journaling pages that I definitely enjoyed doing. I'd like to print them all out and bind them into a homemade book. I'm afraid that the cost of all of that inkjet printing might be prohibitive, but at least I have them saved on my computer. I've even been faithfully backing up my hard drive. The problem is, it's always nicer to have a printed copy just in case your computer or the electricity goes. I'll have to figure out a way to do this! Does anyone have any rich relatives about ready to drop dead? Oh my. What am I saying? That's what happens when I make a post at 1:45 am! I need to be asleep.


  1. I didn't know you could buy a Zentagle Kit! you always educate me Bill. i think your Mandalas turned our very well too and I'm glad you kept Watson happy too!

    Re the prohibitive cost of printing ink...
    That is why I went the way of having my favourite creations printed in book form. Have a look at ArtsCow. I found them the cheapest and they often have special offers. I have always been more then satisfied.
    I am about to start a new Heritage album for my friend's husband whose family came from Germany. When it's done I shall have a 40 page book printed for him.
    Any questions, e me! Hugs June xx

  2. Well Bill, you've educated me today. I'd never heard of a zentangle mandala until I came here. They're quite beautiful. Forgive my ignorance. I have no artistic skill whatsoever. lol

  3. You're a zentangle, I'm a zentagle....has a catchy name to it, doesn't it. I keep asking for their kit for the past couple of Christmases but Santa hasn't brought me one yet...guess he doesn't want to get tangled up with this one...

    I haven't done anything with my AJC prompts or challenges...I guess I'll just hold on to them & start next year!

    Love your mandalas...despite what your camel may say! Have you ever thought about putting your work out on Etsy? (Maybe you do! If so, what's your shop's name??)

  4. YOur mandalas are great. Like the pastel tones of the first and the second one is delightful!