Friday, October 7, 2011

Susan Boyle

Even though we can't watch "X Factor - UK" here in the United States, I've watched videos of it the past three seasons by going to (Just this week I found a web site that streams it, and now I can watch it! I believe it will be on 2:30 Eastern time on Saturday, and the results show will be on Sunday. Here's the link in case you want it: My favorite audition of all time was by Susan Boyle. It was a total shock to look at her and then hear the singing voice that came from her. The judges were dumbstruck. She didn't win, but she took 2 nd. place. She has had worldwide success since then. Her 3 rd. album is about to be released, and below is the first official video for the album. I love the song, and think she does an incredible job singing it.

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  1. It's still unbelievable that she didn't won. I always get the goosebumps hearing her voice and she is such a nice lady isn't she Bill ?
    I was so happy for her when she performed for the pope too.

    Thanks for sharing this video.
    I enjoyed it very much !!