Saturday, October 15, 2011

Creative Souls Story Time #23 - Old Houses

This is the poem given for our inspiration:

Old Houses by: Jennie Romano

I like old houses, with steps that sag, and worn picket fences running zig-zag.
Like little children playing tag, happy old houses, with thresholds worn thin,
By young ones and old ones who walked out and in.
I like old houses, that squat in the rain, that have welcomed the years
and sheltered the pain, of knowing they wait for a loved one in vain.
Crazy old houses that bask in the sun, browned like a crusty, flaky bun.
I like old houses that patiently wait, for a new friend's hand on the creaky gate-
Knowing that love is never too late.  Houses sagacious-like prophets of old;
Knowing so many things they never have told.


  1. I can see why you like this poem, Bill,, and I love what you've created here.

  2. A beautiful sagging old house! I love the poem and you have illustrated it well. Hugs xx

  3. Fantastic, Sir William. I have missed so many creations on numerous blogs and will be off line again next week.

    I hope to get a try at this challenge before I leave town.


  4. What a gorgeous old house love it...the guy ain't bad either!!!

  5. Old houses DO have souls, don't they? And this piece is so powerful.....I love it, Bill.

  6. The poem is so beautiful and you illustrated it so well.