Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bottle - Take 2

How embarrassing! No one understood what my bottle meant. I've added a few elements. :O)

The mice are by Lori Davison. Please click on the picture to see the larger size so you can read the words.

(Evidently the visitors here haven't been raised on Disney movies/cartoons like I was. I do like the first bottle better, but if you know the storyline, this shouldn't be difficult to figure out. The person in question didn't have to "turn back time," because everything turned out "happily ever after!")


  1. What would you do, Bill?
    I really like your bottle art and the little mice.

  2. OK Mr Bill, what's to be embarrassed about, don't you find it interesting the slant others put on your art, I know I do? For me you are alluding to love and life and time and the magic of it all, but then I could be entirely wrong. Whichever way I love what you did ..... on both of them, but for me the first one is my favourite. Standing O from this corner.

  3. Well, I like the first more, but the thing is: a piece of art once published or publicized in any way doesn't belong to the artist anymore, each person will interpret it from his own point of view...

  4. I agree with Christine, Bill.
    The same thing with humor etc.
    You like it or not. Thats simple.
    Art always works from the perspective of the artist himself.
    And nothing is as personal as taste.
    ART always starts from the artist. Can you empathize with his/her imagination and feelings. Then you just appeal to ART.

    Phew...nowe I hope my translater did it's work correctly :-)

  5. I suppose I haven't watched the movie, too ...
    By the way, have I ever written this quote to you? I always have it im my mind: "If we could turn back time, wouldn't we act as if we could turn back time?"

  6. Thanks for the update. Whatever symbolism we missed doesn't damage your art cred because both pieces are superb!!

  7. Well I saw the glass slipper but the penny didn't drop for me either! And I thought I spent my life in a dream world!
    Another lovely piece.xx

  8. great collages, I think I prefer the first. And I am quite dim at understanding meanings but I like the art anyway.

  9. Both of your bottle pieces are wonderful, this one is my personal favorite.