Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Queen of Tarts and Entourage

My Internet Muse Marguerite Bryant posted a picture on her blog today that I had to grab and share. (If you would like to see all of the butterflies she has made for "The Butterfly Project," check out her blog here:

You've probably seen The Queen of Tarts at several of my blog parties. That's a character I made using Marguerite as an inspiration. Well, now she has created a character of me. She made me a butterfly fairy. Oh dear.  That puts a whole new slant on my personality! I do kind of like the silver wings, though.


  1. Hey Bill!
    I thought you would appreciate that your wings were made from a candy bar wrapper!

  2. PS: That's Bonsai the Baron of Bones and Count Kiddy Widdy, btw!

  3. I adore little boy fairies in shorts! xx