Wednesday, January 4, 2012

AJC 2012 - Word for Year

To start the new year's Art Journal Caravan, we were asked to select a word that we want to remember as a goal to strive for. We were also asked to create a symbol that we would use in all of our journal pages that would remind us of that goal. This is the symbol I created:

I think it's going to be a good year!


  1. Great Word, Bill! A Beautiful collage and I love your symbol.

  2. Dear Bill, I hope you by now are recoveerd from your terrible flu.
    I'm so happy you managed to go back to the caravan.
    It's great that our friend are offering you that book. What a touchy gift!
    Joy is a wonderful word for a wonderful year that it's just beginning. Have fun!

  3. With a symbol like this to guide has to be a more than a good's going to be a great one!

    So you're doing 2012's Caravan? I haven't even started 2011's!!! So behind....

  4. What a great word!
    My word for the year is Adventure!

  5. I'd like to make a stamp of the rose and camel, Bill. Very cool.

  6. I am so full of JOY knowing you will participate in the Art Journal Caravan for 2012. Roses are my favorite flowers. Your camel and rose are absolutely perfect for your icon for 2012.

    Yea, Sir William!