Friday, January 27, 2012

Alice Theater

Mr. Whiskers at Deviant Scrap has a fun "Alice Theater" kit that I played with. I think everyone loves Alice in Wonderland! Now Billizetti has found a new friend.


  1. Be careful of that Cheshire cat on your head, he has large teeth!
    Super collage. I can see you must be planning your next book! Hugs xx

  2. Your collage is delightful.
    I love Alice. My daughter has both versions (in english and in portuguese) and she's 23! Maybe a family disease... :)

  3. Wonderful job on this collage, Bill! That Mr. Whiskers kit is very fun, isn't it? I haven't gotten it yet, but I am very taken with his moon with the cat's face on it!!! Mr. Billizetti seems to be a bit of an eccentric chap and I'm sure Alice would be happy to take him along on her next trip down the rabbit-hole!!