Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Welcome To My Mid-Winter Tea Party!

(Many of the elements used to create the following party came from Brimm's digital kit "Midnight Cinderella" at We must give credit where credit is due!)

Please feel free to click on any picture to see a larger size.

Well now, I can finally offer you a proper cup of tea! Please take some cupcakes, tarts and tea cakes, too. I know I promised you a crazy time, but, as usual, food seems to be what everyone is interested in.

(Judy said she'd be here with bells on!)

I think it's time for a little entertainment. Please help yourself to another cup of tea while listening to the music!

(Photos in picture by Eric Tenen on I didn't ask if I could use his photos, so I hope posting his link will keep him from having me thrown in prison. June provided the green hat. She is very famous for her many hats!)

Would you like to dance now? I  think we better after all the desserts we've eaten!

(To see the original "Lani" figure, please visit her blog at:
(Background photo by Eric Tenen on

I think we need a cold drink after that! Then I'm afraid it's time we wrap up this tea party. Billizetti turns into a pumpkin at midnight.

(The hats in the picture above are from

If you want to read about Vanessa's Mad Tea Parties held across blogland, please check out her wonderful blog at

Okay. Give it up already. The party is over. Thanks for coming, but go home. :O)


  1. Billizetti I am exhausted! What a great party! My only regret is my skirt was tight and the slit wasn't long enough to do the kicks justice in the Argentine Tango. And that darling boy sure looks OK but his feathers got up my nose.

    May I say I am stuffed with all those goodies. Now I shall have to diet for the rest of the week. I have a date with William and Kate on Friday.

    Thank you and Cheers Old Thing!
    Lady June xxx

  2. Oh what a wonderful party! I wish I could create such colourful and funny collages. I was very happy to have Earl Grey tea served - best tea ever! I should test the cake recipe.

  3. Adorable! Love the Earl Gray tea! And all the food, music, dancing, wow, a great way to counter those mid winter blahs!

  4. I had an amazing time Billizetti you little pumpkin head you, your parties are always the best...Cinderfella and I will be shoving off now...thanks for the tea and!

  5. Your tea party is off to a great start. It is snowing here today so I'll be ready for a warm cup of tea when all is said and done.


  6. ENORMOUS FUN BILL !!! So glad i got chance to pop by and see the fun going on and what stunning artwork too. I am afraid i didnt make anything special for the tea party but do let everyone know they can get an altered 'Mad hatter' and the Hats free if they get chance to drop by Dezina sometime.
    In the meantime .... I am off to eat cake :)x (please tell me they are calorie free )
    hugs June x

  7. Oh, this is too much fun! Ha! Sorry, I'm not leaving! Now, where did Cinderfella run off to... ;)

  8. What a hoot! What a wonderful party!!! And I love the pics of the ugly "boyfriends"! You think they'd have more class to hang out with Queenie and her crew!!!

    Thank you so much for inviting me to this I need to go take a nap!!!

  9. Best party I've been to all year!!!! I'm caffeinated with art!

  10. I am ALL worn out from attending your most delightful Tea Party, Bill. And I must say I like my outfit that you picked out for's quite becoming.

    Feathers? Cakes? Music? TEA? What a party. And what attention to detail you put into this Gala.

    Thank you for inviting me, but now I'm TOO FULL to eat dinner!!! Mayhaps another cupcake would do.

    Ta-ta for now,

  11. Once again you've outdone yourself my friend! This mid-winter tea was just what I needed to beat the blues. I think that you should make it a tradition! Thank you for all you do to add joy to the world!

  12. Any cakes left? I'm still hungry!

  13. You sure know how to throw a party. Thanks for the invite...and all that tea!

  14. Hi, Bill. I'm sorry I didn't make it ealier, but this week was a mess and I'm not in my best these days... Anyway, your tea party was fantastic! Love everything about it, especially Cinderfella :) (the hostess was a delight too)

  15. Now I know why I've got 'ringing in my ears, ' Bill, its those blessed bells on my dress!! What a hoot you certainly know how to throw a fabulous party, can't wait for the next one - I'll be there!! (maybe not with 'bells on', though!!