Monday, January 2, 2012

No Art Journal Caravan This Year

I think the flu germs are finally waning, so you should be pretty safe in reading this post. Phew! The norovirus is nothing you want to get. 

Moving right along . . . I really hoped to be able to join the Art Journal Caravan for 2012, but it looks like the caravan is going to leave without me. My camel is going to get a long nap this year. He deserves it anyway!

Taking that early retirement last June has left us broke, broke, broke. I'm not complaining, though. At least I was able to take a retirement while a retirement was still available to school employees. Michigan is so short of money that it makes one wonder what is going to happen to the school districts. I worked for Ann Arbor Public Schools for 26 years, and it seems like they had to cut millions of dollars every year for the past who-knows-how-many years. I heard they have to cut something like another $15,000,000.00 out of next year's school budget. Wow. It's going to mean some schools will have to close and more employees will lose their jobs. My position was actually cut last year, but that was alright, because I had had enough. It was definitely affecting my health. I had to not only report to the IT Director, but also to the three principals of the schools I gave computer support to. Too many bosses! Too much stress! I miss some of the people I worked with terribly, but I don't miss the job at all.

That was a roundabout way of telling you that there is no telling what you will see on my blog this year. I did join Tam's year long Art Life Book course (see sidebar for info if you are interested in checking it out) which will be all about creating multimedia works that we will end up binding into a book. My inner critic is already fighting me, and I am trying to beat him down so I can start the first project. I can't believe how ridiculous it is to know I can create art, but always feel paralyzed to start it. That was one of the reasons I wanted to take this course. Hopefully I'll be able to create some physical art and post it here on my blog. I know I'll be looking forward to seeing what all of you are doing this year! I hope we have a good art year!


  1. What you write about the cutbacks at your school system leaves me sad. A good education is fundamental for everyone. In Germany there is always the claim for better education but when it comes to alloting the budgets ... not much more is left than words.
    Hope you will be successful with your art this year!

  2. I was in Ann Arbor a couple of years ago. Nice town with a LOT of energy (and great places to eat and shop). I didn't realize that was where you taught....I'd a looked ya up!

    Your muse (and many others) are a bit slow, so you're 'normal'. I'm with you on that, but just joined a local stamping club and was energized today with new ideas. Apparently I was in a rut and didn't know it. So, Bill, branch out and just jump in with both feet into a new area. If you don't like it, then no harm/no foul. You can always find another genre that tweeks you.

    Words coming from a woman who has her hands in LOTS of pots....but happily so. You can, too!

    BTW, the word verification today is 'yogybot'. Make a digital photo with THAT word!!!

  3. Hello Bill!I
    Thank you so much for your visit to The Tearoom, becoming a follower and thank you for your nice comments!! I don't think I focused on how much purple there was in your blog until now, so you must be A Purple Person too! YAY for us! And YAY for those squirrels too! It makes me laugh just to look at them!

    I hope you continue to get better and wish you a wonderful and creative day!


  4. Onward and upward Bill you can do it!!!

  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Sr William.

    hbad the flu over the holidays and saddened that no caravan trip for you this year. However, knowing you we will not be disappointed with your posts and creativity. I loved the previous post!

    Be grateful for what you have . . . lots of talent and many friends and a lovely family with grandchildren too!