Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Someone Is Smiling On Me . . .

and I'm smiling right back!

First, a wonderful person whose name I won't mention in case she doesn't want me to, is giving me an incredible gift. I'll just say she is someone we have all grown to know and love through our blog visits. She is having the digital collages I made for the Art Journal Caravan 2011 made into a book. Wow! I've lost many pictures before due to two hard drive crashes (and yes I do backups), and to have my work put into a book that can't "break down and be lost" is so wonderful. It will be such an astonishing gift!

Second, I was able to find a way to join the Art Journal Caravan for 2012. That may not seem to be that big of a deal, but as someone who is constantly battling an anxiety with depression disorder, I found the weekly prompts and digital kits to be somehow like a friend I could depend on to be there to keep my mind occupied. This year's caravan has the theme of personal cartography (maps), and it should be great fun to create digital collages on the weekly prompts.

Well, it seems like I should end this with a piece of art. I just rescanned a rose I drew in 2008 and could no longer find the original scan I made of it. It was probably among the files I lost back then. Hopefully you find roses as beautiful as I do.



  1. I'm glad to hear you are back on your camel Bill I hope things continue to go well for you...I think you would be surprised how many people are cheering for you.

  2. Woohoo@!! Sophie Kevin and I are looking forward to sharing the Journey once more with you and Watson.
    PS...Sophie says she will need help in map folding..o dear... BBxLN

  3. Glad to hear your good news Bill. Keep smiling! Hugs xx