Monday, October 15, 2012

AJC 2012 Wordography - Noctilucous

Billizetti character by me. Other elements from collage sheet by Rian at


  1. WOW! This knocks your socks off Bill! What a word! Great! xx

  2. Great collage, so much to see...
    Now I know a new word, I'll try to use it somewhere :)

  3. Nocti-what?! Never heard this term before; only could find "Nautilus" and "punctilious". Nautilus makes me think of Yellow Submarine, so I it makes sense to me : )

  4. Great job hippie-Bill!
    I love the way you've played with this Rian's collages sheet.
    I don't understand "noctilucous"...
    I didn't find it in my dictionaries... ?
    Something about: 'It's delicious to be a night bird'? It would be something like: "noctambulicieux" in french, hahaha!
    (It appears that english speakers are undertanding).
    Erik thought about 'Yello submarine', it's very clever! :)